Testimonials about the Inside Edge Backsaver


After injuring my back severely at work, I was told I would need surgery and would be out of the water for at least 6 months. Through extensive physiotherapy and with the help of the BackSaver, I've not only avoided surgery, but have been in the surf just about everyday, after 3 months!! I can stay out there for hours with no pain during or afterwards. You barely notice it's there, and really helps your back feel solid and protected. I'll use it forever!!

Ben, Sydney 2011

I had a substantial back operation over a year and a half ago which could have put me out of the water forever. Thanks to the backsaver I am now back surfing and it is magic. No pain paddling or getting to your feet. Without backsaver I would not be surfing again. I also use it when I ski - it is a must.

Anthony, Torquay 2010

Having suffered of lower back problems the Backsaver has helped a lot. Time in the water is longer and almost no pain afterwards. Some Peruvian mates tried it and have already bought Backsavers.

Miguel, Peru 2009

Return customer - I have used the first one almost into the ground and will keep as back up. Amazing what a difference the Backsaver makes and it was the key to getting me back in the water after a pretty bad back injury that kept me out of the water for 2 years. Have been back to Maldives and Indo with the Backsaver. Really helps in winter here but even in the tropics it is great.

Paul, Queensland 2009

I'm 53 years old and I returned to surf after 20 years at the age of 50 with 2 disk hernias. Thanks to Backsaver I could make my dreamed come back to surf. It really gave me the support I needed plus a peace of mind especially with the wipeouts when you do not control the movements of your body falling and under the water. Your back will be protected.

Juan, Peru 2009

I have been racing Offshore Powerboats for 23 years and have tried many types of kidney belts and back supports, now I can honestly say I have now found a back support that is not only comfortable to wear as well as supportive that works perfectly to meet the demands and the rigors of high speed powerboat racing.

The Backsaver has more uses than surfing !

Simon, Patterson Lakes VIC 2009

I've had a lower back operation in early 2007 and was afraid that my surfing days would be over and at 36 wasn't happy about it, I had seen the ad for the Backsaver in many surf mags and gave it a try. Placed my order on Friday and received it the next Tuesday (great service). I have found that I have greatly reduced pain after surfing due to the use of the Backsaver and my core strength seems to have improved as well.

All in all a very good product that I highly recommend.

Nathan, Perth WA 2008

I was introduced to the Backsaver by a surfer friend. I am a yachtie but found the back support worked really well for sailing. It really helps reduce back fatigue, is comfortable and is not restrictive, even on the trap. It also adds some insulation for the kidneys. All in all a great product.

Jerry, California USA 2007

The Backsaver is simply fantastic. Thought it might be restrictive but it's not, wasn't sure if it would really work but I was desperate…..it works. I'm back in the water and feeling great. Fantastic product, I just wish I'd found it earlier.

Peter, Ocean Grove VIC 2006

I have been a surfer for many years, and I've also had a bad back for many years. Now, with the help of the Backsaver, I am enjoying my time in the water more than I have for a long, long time. It's super supportive, just where I need it, and it's also super comfortable. Can't thank you enough for getting it onto the market. Anyone who's got back trouble should give the backsaver a go. I even used it when I was putting in some new fence posts, so it works on dry land too. Thanks again.

Mark, Phillip Island VIC 2005

At 23 I am not your typical candidate for back pain but I have a fairly sway lower back so long surfs do give me some grief. I took a Backsaver over to Indonesia on a recent trip and was stoked I did because it was 6 foot and empty so an average session lasted about 4 hours.

Initial impressions were that it was really comfortable; I put it on and hardly noticed it until 3-4 hours later when I jumped back into the boat with a fresh back. It not only made me more comfortable in the water but also helped post-surf when I was less stiff and sore. Give it a bash it goes unreal!

Mark, Burleigh QLD 2005

My first surf with Backsaver allowed me stay out 4 hours, normally only last 1 1/2 to 2 hours before backache set in, my arms gave out before my back….

Thanks !

John, Queensland 2005

…had a few surfs with the Back Saver on. Yesterday had  4' - 5' howling rights at Sth Broulee.  Had a 2 hour session.  Today I surfed headhigh lefts at my home brake, Potato Point. I agree that the confidence thing is very important.  I have been doing inner core strengthening exercises & also a lot of stretching, hamstrings etc.  I have been into Tai Chi for a whole heap of years & find that this helps also.

Nick, Potato Point NSW 2004

... received the Back Support okay.  Had my surf with it yesterday arvo. Nice head high waves, lefts & rights.  I lasted 1 hour with very little discomfort.  This made me very happy.  First time i'd had a surf (and not had heavy pain) with my son since July 03.  Thank you!  I wore the Back Support out side my wettie. 

Nick, Newcastle NSW 2004

I've had about 6 sessions using the back support and I've easily had an extra half hour each time which is great, my back used to start aching after 15 minutes… it also keeps my back warmer which helps in Vic this time of year … the Backsaver has really made a big difference to my surfing,.

Jack, Barwon Heads VIC 2004

I have had 2 really enjoyable surfs since the last Email.  Really stoked in the Back Saver.  Stayed in the water for over an hour each time.  I wet the Back Saver like u said before I put it on.  I put it on over my rashie but under my springy & do it up as firmly as possible.  I then go through a stretching routine for about 10 - 15 mins, and then hit the water. I found the Back Saver not only gave me support but gave me confidence in my back.  Thanks John you're a legend!

Nick, Potato Point NSW 2004

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